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SS4200-E problems



We have at our company a SS4200-E, it works fine, but recently there are some strange behavior happening and I need some help, there are 2 issues, but first the details.

Our environment has an AD running under Windows 2012 with stations running w7 and 8.

The SS4200-E already has the latest firmware available and the Intel Entry Storage System is also the latest.

What happens is:

1 - After accessing the device through the Entry Storage (Web interface) I can login normally, but it keeps falling authentication, I mean, after a few seconds that I've logged in I already have to login again no matter what browser or OS i'm using.

2 - I can navigate through all the options available except for the only 1 that I really need the DISKS config page (stg-disks.html) it never opens and then the authentication fails.

I have tried the reset and recovery operations without success, always the same behavior.

Please help we need it to work, also I'm having trouble integrating it with the Active Directory, but the disks issue is far more important.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.

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Try Troubleshooting common Active Directory issues.

Is it possible to switch back to workstation mode to test?

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