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Startup power issue with s5000xvn board.


I built a workstation a couple years ago on the s5000xvn. From the beginning, I had a problem with the power button. I would have to push it a few times before the machine would actually power on, and sometimes it would power on for a few seconds but almost immediately lose power. I returned the first board thinking it was just a bad board, but the second board had the same issue. I just ignored the issue, since it usually powered on correctly after a few attempts. However, I had to put in a new drive and reformat recently, and can't seem to get it to power on anymore. It powers on for a few seconds and then loses power. It doesn't even begin to boot or get to Bios. The LED code diagnostic lights are all off except for the top warning light which is green. No beeps. I have a 1000watt Thermaltake Toughpower Supply, so I doubt it's an issue of lack of power. There are 2 quad-core xeon x5355's on this board. I can't remember what ram is in here, but I definitely checked compatibility before putting them in. Anyone have any idea what's causing the problem? I would really appreciate any helpful advice here. Thanks!

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is the power switch a momentary or a push on push off switch?

The board requires a momontary switch. If it is the push-on\push off type the system will see that as a force shutdown request.

Try push it twice (on\off) within 3 seconds.

If that does not work, try 3 times (off/on/off) within 3 seconds.

If the switch is held ON more than 3 seconds, it system will shut down.

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Hi, thanks so much for the reply. Yes, actually, I did notice that pressing the power button 3 times would work a lot of the times. Unfortunately, it did not work this time. However, while trying this out again I did notice that just before powering down the following LED code lights popped up:

MSB: off

Bit 2: off

Bit 1: Red

LSB: Green

I looked it up and it says it's:

Initializing a chipset component

A browsed around to see what this means, and it looks like it might mean that some hardware has malfunctioned. Is there anyway to determine which components are bad? Would it be the mobo?


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