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Vlans on Pro1000/t

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Having a problem setting up VLANS on a Pro/1000t adapter. We are switching from a working HP 100Mb card and Cisco gb switch and the vlans are working fine. The first 1000/t vlan, 1 is setup and it works fine. adding a second vlan kills the first. Adding all vlans (4 total), all work correctly but vlan1.

Same switch port with functional vlans used with the HP 100mb NIC.


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I don't know if this will work, but your description made me think of this as a way to work around your issue. Try this:

  1. Delete all the VLAN configurations
  2. Configure a bogus VLAN.
  3. Then configure the 4 VLANs you want to use.

If the behavior you described stays the same, then maybe the VLANs you need will all function. The bogus VLAN you configured first will be the one that does not work.