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W2600CR - Recovery bios on a new Intel workstation board without processors? with future processors?


Hi All,

I have purchased a W2600CR intel workstation board (in P4304CR2LFJN, EOL), which is first batch from launch, 2012/1Q.

I prepared two Xeon E5-2640v2 processors, but unfortunately the system can't boot since it only supports Xeon E5-2600v1 processors.

The article suggests to update BIOS to latest version to get v2 processors supported. But booting to efi require v1 processors - an egg-and-chicken dilemma.

I turn to bios recovery but in the recovery procedures I didn't get information if it can apply under following two cases.

case1: without any processor populated.

case2: with two E5-2640v2 processors populated.

And if it should be successful to recover BIOS to latest version in any one of above cases, can it boot to efi well with other old version firmware untouched, such as BMC, FRUSDR, and ME?

Thanks a lot!

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You cannot do a BIOS recovery with zero processors.

You may be able to do a BIOS recovery with only a single E5-2640 v2, but if that doesn't work you may need to either contact the person you bought it from, or support, for other options.

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