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Where can I find the Master.cfg file (FRUSDR) for an S5520SC?



I would like to disconnect front FAN in the chassis SC5650WS to reduce noise as I only installed 1 HardDisk and no PCe cards.

Unfortunatly, if I don't connect all FAN on proper motherboard FAN connectors (please, Mr Intel, provides your chassis with FAN with the good connector color. It takes one day to find that the motherboard needs one FAN connected to the blue FAN connector and the otherone to the white FAN connector?!?!?) then all FAN run at full speed.

So, now it is OK; FAN are running a low speed but still too busy for a WorkStation.

If I understand well, BMC need to be reconfigured if we want to change the FAN setup.

I found the frusdr.efi utility but I'm not able to find the master.cfg file to reconfigurate the SDR for the S5520SC motherboard.

Is someone have this file or could tell me how I can do to be able to remove some FAN?

Thanks for your help,


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It is rarely wise to disconnect fans. Even with only one hard drive and no add-in cards, the processor, memory, and chipset still generate quite a bit of heat.

That being said, the master.cfg file is included with every SDR firmware download from the support site, but you edit it at your own risk.

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