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Wrong Bios Posting for Intel Server Board S1200KP


Up until recently the Download section for Intel Server Board S1200KP included 2 Bios Releases with Bios version 0023 to be the latest.

But now 1st in the Download List for this specific board it is the following:

BIOS and Firmware Update, Configuration Utilities for Windows*/Linux*/WinPE/UEFI Version: 11 build 14 which is not correct as it applies to all Intel Server Series Boards except S1200KP.

Why i do say that? Because if you examine previous Bios Releases still available to download are totally different.

Intel Server Board S1200KP/S1200KPR is a special mini-ITX board with "roots" to Intel Desktop Boards and can be updated with F7 Option like normal Intel Desktop Boards.

So be aware that there is no BIOS and Firmware Update, Configuration Utilities for Windows*/Linux*/WinPE/UEFI Version: 11 build 14 for Intel Server Board S1200KP/S1200KPR.

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Thanks for the notification. This was a posting error that is being corrected now. The "fix" should be live in 24 hours or so.


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Dear John,

Thanks for your quick notice, but i have another point to make regarding recent downloads added to Intel Server board section:

Recently the following downloads where added which in my opinion are irrelevant (yet again) or Obsolete:

Intel® Chipset Device Software for Windows Server 2012 (Irrelevant)Intel(R) Chipset Device Software (Obsolete)

It seams to me all the time that i am scouting the Download section of this particular board (since i own one) that every single download item added to the whole family of "real" Intel Server Boards is included to this particular product Download Section.

By that i mean the following:

RAID WEB Console 2 Utility for WindowsRAID Web Console 2 Utility for Solaris

And Finally i want to make another point regarding the Bios files that are available to the Download Section.

If you can check closely you will notice that only 2 Bios files are available to download:

Version 0012 (which was the Factory installed Bios on 1st Gen Boards anyway)


Version 0023 (which does not have a description of been the Latest as it is clearly Labeled as Previously Released)

Is another new Bios available but "forgotten" to be posted in the download section or is it a Typo?

Thanks again for your valuable assistance on this matter.

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