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Xeon for a database server

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Hi all, I'm speccing up for a new server, which will be exclusively used for a production database application.

My issue is that there are various Xeon groups, and I'm not enough experienced to make sure I spec the right one.

Am presently thinking that something like the X5680 would be the processor to go for, but this is a fair bit of money. Before those higher up the ladder ask me, I need to be sure whether there could be a less expensive processor which would happily do this job.

For instance the W3550 is a quadcore, over 3 GHz, but is less than 20% of the price.

I'm told hyper threading is not particularly necessary for this job. It is a Progress based database application. 4 or 6 core needed, at least 3 GHz. Server will have two processors.

Would anyone care to share their knowledge on this one ? Thanks.

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Many thanks, Edward @ Intel, it's appreciated.