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intel embedded raid


Have an intel machine with an s5000vsasasr board fail. Installed two new boards which would not boot. Started two but then stop with a red green red off indication on status lights. Intel had no clue as to why. Replaced board with an s5000vsasatr board and boots fine. Installed an intel sasmf8i raid controller to replace the onboard raid in the old board. This was running a raid 10 array using 2 500gb sas drives and 2 1 tb sata drives. Old configuration not known but I wish to run these drives from the new board but do not know how to configure controller so that it does not erase the current data. Both the old board and new controller are attached to a 4 port expander which appears to work fine. Drive order was 1tb 500 500 1tb. Also when a raid 10 was created on the old board do not know how the raid 10 was setup ie 1 & 3 striped and mirrored with 2 & 4. OS is windows server 2003. Need to know;

Can I safely put these drives in without erasing them and if so how to configure new controller.

What is the drive order so that maybe i can put only two in and setup as a raid 0 or 1 without erasing the other two drives.

My situation is escalated since they have no other backups.

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A copy of RAID configuration is stored on each hard drive, so the new controller should be able to see and import the RAID configuration automatically.

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