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2nd Gen SR300 (VF0810) Not Compatible with Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera Manager (SR300) and Win10 Anniversary Update

I received the 2nd gen SR300 which is actually a Creative VF0810. The first gen is a VF0800. The 3D part of the cam will not work on Windows 10 Anniversary Update. It freezes after the first frame. Creative has been contacted, and I was advised that the issue lies with the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera Manager (SR300) which is incompatible with the 2nd gen cam and the AU. The DepthCamera Manager was released on 2/4/2016. Rev 2 came out way after that, as well as the AU. Also, the drivers are from June and July. Intel needs to step up their game and release current drivers and sotware needed to get this working. Creative;s isn't the only one having issues. Razer's Stargazer is as well.

So, if you're on the AU and are having issues, there lies your problem. Intel has not released an updated kit since February of 2016. The regular non 3D cam works fine, as does the audio.


Here is a link to download the audio software for the 2nd gen.

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Hi GW M,

If you still having that problem please upload a print screen of your
device manager. What I need to see is the 'Imaging devices' and 
'Universal Serial Bus device'(in case that you have that one).

Best Regards
Gal A
Intel Corporation