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APK Parse Error - There is a problem parsing the package.

Hi all,

I read this forum since a couple of months and I always find a solution to all my Intel XDK related problems, thanks to you guys. This time, though, it seems it has come the time I write here asking for your advice.

I came across the "infamous" "Parse Error" problem, and all the causes/solutions I found in the forum didn't help... I'm really stuck.

To make it short: I have an app made with Intel XDK available on both Google Play and App Store (so, compiled for Android and iOS). I compiled and published the last version of the app in July, then I did no changes until yesterday.

Yesterday I open Intel XDK, and it asks for update, so I update it (to build 2611). I open the project and migrate it to project version 2.0, then  I change a couple of line of codes. Everything looks fine in the emulator (yeah, I know that doesn't mean anything) and during the Android build... but once I download the app on my device it just wouldn't open, giving me the "Parse error" issue.

I removed the new code - nothing changed.

I removed Intel XDK 2611 and re-installed  version 2366 (thus, project version 1.2). I reopened the old version of the project and compiled it.

Now, since that exactly the code in production right now, with same project version too (not even a byte different!) I was supposing it to run but... nope. "Parse Error".

I hoped it was something wrong with the Intel compiler and waited 24h but the problem is still there... what can I do?

How can a code that was running perfectly just...stop running like this?

HEre is the short log:

Build Log:
  • Building a Cordova 4.1.2 application.
  • The application name is "Ultradent IT"
  • The package name is "com.phonegap.prodottiultradent"
  • Preference android-signed set to false. Application will not be signed.
  • Plugin "org.apache.cordova.device" (0.2.13) installed.
  • Plugin "org.apache.cordova.splashscreen" (0.3.5) installed.
  • Plugin "org.apache.cordova.inappbrowser" (0.5.4) installed.
  • Plugin "org.apache.cordova.statusbar" (0.1.9) installed.
  • App name updated to [Ultradent IT]
  • Updated "minSdkVersion" with "14"
  • Updated "targetSdkVersion" with "19"
  • Updated "installLocation" to "auto"
  • Added "screenOrientation" to "portrait"
  • Updated "versionCode" to "200"
  • Updated "versionName" to "2.0.0"
  • Added "debuggable" to "false"
  • The application will not be signed.

Here you can download the detailed build log ( ) and here the apk ( ;)

Thank you in advance for your help.



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Fabio, glad you found the problem. There is an odd issue with the signed flag that sometimes shows up during an upgrade. We expect to have that fixed in a future release.

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Fabio, in order to get some more diagnostic info regarding this problem, could you share a copy of your <project-name>.xdk_bak file that is stored in your project directory? You can share it via a private message.

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I've upgraded the Intel XDK to the new version 3088 and I can't get valid apk. When signed project I get "App not installed" error, when I build not-signed project I get "Parse error There was a problem parsing the package". (I've tried to build new projects and old projects converted to CLI 5.4.1)

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Olga -- only signed APKs can be installed on a device, even if you are only side-loading for testing.

What version of Android are you attempting to install onto? There is a signing issue in the build system that prevents good builds from installing on devices. See this post for details >

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