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All but a few SDK samples actually work (SR300)

I got my camera 2 days ago, installed the drivers, SDK and setup Unity.

Started the SDK with Admin rights (it would not start without at first) and then the huge dissapointment came, only 3-4 samples actually do what they are supposed to do.

Here is a list of all Samples that don't work and what happens:

  • Camera Viewer (Java): Nothing happens, quick CLI window pops up for half a second instantly closes. Java itself is working fine as I just finished a Java project.
  • Face Tracking (Java): Same as above
  • Hand Viewer (C#): As soon as it detects something, the App crashes (FF_HandsViewer.cs crashing)
  • Touchless Controller View (C#): same as above
  • Touchless List Box (C#): same as above
  • Eye Tracking (C++): Calibrated a lot of times under different lighting and distances, it never put the square anywhere close to where I was looking and jittering all over the place
  • Hands Controle (C++): Crashes as soon as it detects something
  • Hands Viewer (C++): Same as above
  • Hands Viewer (Java): Instantly closes

Every single Unity Sample except Points Cloud crashes either instantly or after 1-2 seconds.

The camera itself works fine, the few samples run smooth, Windows Hello works instantly... But I was especially curious about the AR stuff with Unity, yet none of it works. Am I alone with this?

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I think this could be related, that my machine "only" has an Intel i7 2600k... could this be true? It's the only requirement I don't fulfill... never thought that beast might not be able to handle it.

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Valued Contributor II

That's an unsupported CPU.

It definitely is the reason why some demos do not work.

Basically those apps need special instructions that are just not available in your CPU.

You can still get the raw data and process it yourself though.

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