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App Test Server and AJAX Information.


I have been using the Intel XDK for a good while now (longer than needed due to various glitches and random shutdowns on OSX) and for the most part I love the idea and think these guys are doing an awesome job. I'm sure these things will be fixed but I have ran into some problems that I cannot really avoid at this point.

The first problem is after an update to the latest version of XDK my application will not go onto the test server. In the application is shows that I updated the project on the server but when I use the App Preview on my iPhone I get a project from weeks ago. Any idea how to fix this?

Another problem that I am having is with AJAX calls. For some reason (possibly some cache I am missing) when I go directly to an api point (ie. /user/login) from a web browser it shows the correct information when the credentials are added but when you do it through the emulator it comes back with an api error. I have even tried to hard code the information in and updated everything, looks great in the browser but when ran in the emulator I get back the old information. Is there anyway around this? 

I have tried removing all cache from the link:

But that has not helped with this issue. Does anyone possibly have an idea to get around this? Thanks for any help!

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Joe -- I suspect you might have multiple entries of apps in the App Center, see this FAQ >

Regarding the AJAX calls and the Emulate tab, that is something that I have not heard of being an issue. As a workaround, you can try using the Debug tab with an Android device for your debugging.


Thank you, Paul! I now have the updated application on the test server after removing the project and push the contents to the test server again but there was only one entry. One down, one to go. I will see if it happens when I run it on an android device and go from there. I usually just use the emulator and the chromium dev tools given so this may help.