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Can the SR300 camera function outside the case?


I wanted to create a wearable prototype with the camera suspended in front of the users face. But the camera is quite heavy for suspension 30cm away from the face. It requires quite a heavy counterweight (for balance)and all together not too comfortable.

I noticed that there is a big metal heatsink on the back, and I also noticed from the internal diagram that there might be an internal USB3 port.

So would it be possible to pull the module out and connect it to a usb cable without the external case/heatsink?



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Technically it should, since the camera is a single integrated board as seen below :


But since you're just making a prototype for now, wouldn't it be way better to just test it out like this and when you're ready for production contact Intel regarding this request? Moreover if you remove the heat sink provided, you still will have to use something in replace of that, so my suggestion would be to use it with the case for now.

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