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Can we create native bare metal binary firmware with Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition?

Hello Everyone,

I was wanting to try Intel programming after programming MCU's for a few years
and have a spare Intel D410PT Deskboard with an Intel NM10 Express Chipset.

Board Model:
NM10 Chipset:

I was wondering if Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition 2017 lets us create
bare-metal board firmware that can run without an operating system installed?

I was also wondering if the Parallel Studio included hardware libraries for CPU
Board and Chipset by model number so we can access all hardware on the board?

Thanks for your help, I'd like to try to create a firmware binary that can be burned
to optical disc to be run from bootup as a bare metal application communicating
with all of the board hardware.

It would seem like there would be a hardware library for both the CPU and Chipsets by model number,
it would make it easier if we could program per board model, as we can in Atmel Studio for their line
of boards, and just include hardware we want to use with the header files per device, like SPI and what not.

How can I go about creating a bare metal binary to be run without an operating system on a cd/dvd from bootup?
I believe I'd also be wanting to do 64 bit programming, and if needed, would keep the CPU in a real mode operation.

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Hi Jason,

Please see

If you need additional assistance, please post to this forum:

Regards, Hal

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