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Creating 'Makeup application' software to a users face for an app i'm making.

Hi there,

Just wondering who the best person to speak to would be about creating this software for an iPhone/Android app I'm making?
The software would be where the user can take or upload their own photo and have 10 to 15 pre-made makeup looks to choose from. This will then apply the makeup precisely to their eye lines, fit within their face shapes etc. I have seen a few makeup apps where the makeup doesn't look quite right/fit on their face properly, so wanted to chat with someone from Realsense about it. 'YouCam' is a good example however this will only be a photo (not the face moving, so a little less technical) with pre made makeup looks applied. I wasn't a fan of 'Modiface' and how the makeup looks on the person, however I really like YouCam's makeup application, how it applies correctly onto the eye / face areas. As I'm based in Australia, the time zones are opposite, so if you prefer to Skype please let me know.  Ideally, I am trying to find the best person to speak to who created these 2 apps in Realsense. 

Thanks so much, 

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Hey Julieanne,

I have been working quite a bit with image processing, face detection, RealSense, etc.

And I'm based in Sydney, maybe we could have a bit of a chat.


Hi Samontab, 

Thanks for your response. I had a look at your website and could not see any Makeup application apps? Ideally I am looking for the same person who created 'YouCam' or someone who has done makeup application in apps before as it is so different to anything else. Your work looks great and I'll be in touch if anything changes.

If you or anyone else knows where I could find this person/group, any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much,