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Difference between QueryFaceAverageDepth and HeadPosition.HeadCenter.z

Hello there,

i'm working on a facetracking with the RS300 Camera and want to measure the distance between the camera and the face.

Now there are, when i figured out right, two different ways. I can on the one side use QueryFaceAverageDepth(out depth) on the PXCMFaceData.DetectionData

PXCMFaceData.Face face = faceData.QueryFaceByIndex(i);
PXCMFaceData.DetectionData faceDetectionData = face.QueryDetection();
faceDetectionData.QueryAverageFaceDepth(out depth);


On the other side there is the possibility to get the data via the pose like this:

PXCMFaceData.Face face = faceData.QueryFaceByIndex(i);
PXCMFaceData.PoseData pose = face.QueryPose();
PXCMFaceData.HeadPosition head;
pose.QueryHeadPosition(out head);
float depth = head.headCenter.z;

Can you please tell me what the difference is of these to ways and maybe what kind of data i get with what of those possibilities?

I'm also interested in which units both ways provide their data.


Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards

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