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I have a simple question about installing new Lan drivers and I have looked just about everywhere, I just built my first Intel system after years of using AMD and have never had trouble installing new drivers before so here goes. After installing Intel 82579V Gigabit Network Connection drivers and software I find there is a newer driver on the ASUS site so my question is do I uninstall the software then install the new one or will the driver remove and install the software it's self ,I ask because I have heard horror stories about installing new Intel network drivers.

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The Intel Software Network is a community for software developers and Intel engineers. For hardware and driver support, you can contact Intel Product Support on the following Web site:

Please keep in mind that although the driver has been signed by Intel, it is your motherboard manufacturer or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) that implements manageability features to your system. If you are having issues with such interfaces or problems with the drivers provided for your system, you should refer to your system integrator directly for assistance.

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