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F200 stops intermittently with face tracking and hands viewer both on

I created a project that merges the FF_HandsViewer and DF_FaceTracking projects found in the framework CSharp samples directory.  (Note: I'm using them as 32-bit apps using the RSSDK 32-bit DLLs).  I merged in both of their main form too.  The only significant modification is that I create a single PXCMSession at startup and pass it to each of the forms for their use.

Individually the services work fine.  But if start both face tracking and hands viewing I get one of the following results when I start the second service (the order does not matter).  So far I can't see any discernible patterns yet:

  • Both projects immediately stop.  The lights on the F200 go out and the Stop buttons become disabled while the Start buttons become re-enabled
  • One project stops and the other one keeps working
  • Both services work fine for a while but then both stop about 2 to 3 minutes later.  They never keep running longer than that.

I kept the Task Manager open during all tests and CPU consumption never went over 69%.

IMPORTANT: If I run standalone each of the samples I merged into one separately, directly from the RealSense C# samples browser, the problem happens much, much less.  In fact so far it has only happened once when I first loaded both apps and while the Face Tracking was still initializing (I had just hit the Start button), I quickly hit the Start button on the Hands Viewer app.  Then both standalone apps stopped and the lights went out on the F200.  However, after that, I can start/restart both standalone apps and they both work fine.  I wish my merged app worked that well!

So what is the problem?  Is it because:

  • I'm using 32-bit code?
  • I'm using the same shared PXCMSession between each service as mentioned above?
  • The services are in the same app instead of in two separate apps?  That would be surprising because the overall CPU usage is about the same between my merged app and running the two services in two separate standalone apps (the sample apps).
  • What else?

Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix?  Some version info:

Intel RealSense Depth Camera Manager F200 -

Intel RealSense SDK -

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Hard to answer. It may be a threading issue, or a camera firmware issue, or anything else really.

I would start doing unit tests with the different components, making sure that each one is able to run for a long time, say at least couple of hours.