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GPU hardware acceleration on Emulator

Okay I have this problem where I'm using webgl. Every time I used the emulator on the IDE it is extremely slow when doing stuff on the debugging tool(which is the chrome developer tool). So then I used it without the emulator and just ran it on localhost and its the same outcome. But when I went into chrome's settings and turned off Hardware acceleration, everything is working properly. NOw that's only if I ran it on my localhost because I was able to go into chrome settings. My real question now is that I like to do the same for my emulator. Where would I go about it to turn that off inside the emulator.

I understand that the debugger tool has a setting option as well. But I didn't see anything that can check off the hardware acceleration if needed. 

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There is no way to adjust the Chromium flags in the Emulate tab, it is a preconfigured Chromium 38 runtime (in the current version of the XDK). Whatever features that version of Chromium supports is what you get. To get the fidelity of emulation you are looking for requires that you test on a real device, the Emulate tab is nothing more than a convenient JavaScript debugger, it should not be used to test performance of features. You can affect Chromium flags in the Crosswalk images you build for Android via this feature > <