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Google Play certificate Fingerprint error

Must install the Intel XDK and when I need to update my apps is returning the key error:
Sending failed
You uploaded an APK signed with a different certificate from the previous APKs. Use the same certificate. Your existing APKs were signed with certificates with the following fingerprints:
[SHA1: 7C: 6E: B2: C7: 57: DF: 02: 8D: BA: 1D: 20: 40: 17: AE: 62: D5: 33: F7: 20: D6]
. The certificates used to sign the APK sent include the following fingerprints:
[SHA1: EA: 59: 43: FC: 4E: 3B: 04: 52: A3: 1E: 89: 94: 43: 70: DA: DA: 5C: F4: B8: 70]
can you help me?
Thank you very much in advance

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You might have to read this long message to start with:

Each Intel XDK account has a unique Android developer certificate. That unique certificate must be used each time you update apps to the Android store that were originally built with that account. This means apps built and published with account “A” must be updated with the Android certificate stored in account “A” and those built and published using account “B” must be updated with the Android certificate stored in account “B.”

If you have only published apps to the Android store with one Intel XDK account, the certificate in that account is the only important one. If you have successfully published apps built with both accounts you must continue to use both certificates for future updates to those apps. Note that apps that have never been published to the store are not important to this discussion, with regard to certificates.

If you do have two (or more) published apps, built using both accounts, you have the following options:

-- continue to use the existing accounts to build updates for each of those apps
-- retrieve the certificates from your Intel XDK accounts and self-sign those apps (help required from Intel)

If you have only published apps built with one account, you have the following options:

-- delete the non-published account and only use the account that was used to build your published apps
-- merge the two accounts (help required from Intel) so only one account uses the “correct” certificate
-- retrieve your published certificate from your Intel XDK account and self-sign all apps (help required from Intel)

Before doing the above, if you created the second account because you couldn’t get logged into your first account, then please go to using the username from your first account and click the “Forgot Your Password?” link to reset your password. After you have reset your password you can access the Intel XDK with the original username and any builds you perform will be signed using your original certificates.

We can merge these two accounts, which would leave you with one of the two existing certificates. This would prevent you from updating an application with the account you choose to remove. If you would like us to remove the certificates associated with your account named account-name-#1 and instead use the certificates from account-name-#2, or vice-versa. If you choose this option, your existing certificates for one of the accounts will be no longer recoverable.

Finally, we can send both of your existing certificates to you and you can choose to use the XDK to build self-signed applications, which you would then re-sign yourself (locally on your development machine) using the certificate of choice.

NOTE: once a certificate is lost it cannot be retrieved.

Please note, if you did not make this request you can ignore this email message, and your account will not be modified. 


--the Intel XDK team


Read this post for more information:

And let us know if you need help merging both accounts.