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[Hand Module] level of data interpolation, pre-processing - future plans?



I've been playing with RS300 camera and Hand Module using JavaScript API. My main issue is that hand tracking works well only when hand is perfectly facing the camera. When I try to rotate hand, use different angle or position, joints data is not provided or it's pretty random. Of course I can imagine why, there's not enough data to provide reliable info. But RealSense Hand Module doesn't seem to be trying to "guess" position of joins or interpolate them somehow. 

This works quite different from Leap Motion that we're also using. Leap Motion makes sure that all the data is always provided. Quite often it has to guess it somehow and obviously it might not be accurate. But it's quite convenient, especially when you try to provide constant visualization of user hands. That's not possible with RealSense at the moment without some additional processing of data (that would be pretty challenging JavaScript env).

Especially second part of this video if full of weird hand positions when I try to rotate it.

1. Are there any plans to improve Hand Module in the future releases of RealSense SDK? I know that it's heavy pre-processing is opinionated, but I could imagine a new setting that could enable this.
2. How do other people handle that? Any advices? Custom, additional interpolation in JavaScript? SKD is source is closed, so I can't see too many options.



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