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Honest review - Intel RealSense Sr300

Hi everyone,

why the software for windows it's so unstable? I'm not even able to stream an RGB signal, that is ridiculous! 

I'm really surprised that intel is releasing such a bad and full of flaws software.

I come from Linux and even there I got infinite problems, no way. Don't buy this technology

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Valued Contributor II

The problems with streaming video at the moment are down to Microsoft removing support for certain video formats in the recent WIndows 10 Anniversary Update. A fix is supposedly coming soon, but this is Microsoft's fault, not Intel's.

As a workaround, you can choose a lower resolution colour stream and it should work until MS fixes it.

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New Contributor I

I am also trying to be honest here.

I have been using RealSense for more than 1 year (F200) and several months (almost a year SR300).
It wasn't easy to setup at the first time, but once I can understand it, it performs well.

There is still minor problem which sometimes cause the camera couldn't work properly, e.g.: USB connection and Windows update version.
But it is solvable, and once it is solved, it will work peacefully.

I have several products with RealSense, which I monitor it in daily basis.
They perform well without any trouble so far.

So it's been good for me using Intel's technology, and I am waiting for their new tech updates.


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