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How (Software) does Intel design the Processors?


Hey there,

my question is: what's the software to arrange all the transistors and stuff on a processor for example? Is it like "Eagle" where you can layout things on PCBs? How do they do this at Intel?

And if they do with eagle, are there any example projects, maybe from an very old prosessor I would be very interested!

Sorry this question is not quite right for this forum but I was told from an Intel member to ask my question here...

Thank you in advance

Lukas from Germany


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Intel uses both commercial and proprietary Computer Aided Design tools. It is very unlikely that we would release details of processor implementations in a form that you could use.

Wikipedia has an article on eCAD which should answer some of your questions, and, if you are interested specifically in how CPUs are designed, then you could look at one of the open-source CPU implementations, such as RISC-V; you should be able to indirect from there to find information on how to synthesize an implementation.

Hope that helps.

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