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Humble Request for How to Applying TouchSwipe-Jquery-Plugin


Please Please Please, I would like to make an app with swipeable side menus. Now I have used the default template on app designer but I noticed I can't make it transit between pages in app designer so I would like to know how to do this. i.e  pages transitting from buttons on the sidebar.

I learned it would take "TouchSwipe-Jquery-Plugin " to do this. Is there another way?

Thank you.

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When you use App Designer you get to elect a UI framework.  There are several choices.  (App Framework, Bootstrap, Framework 7, and others).   I recommend you poke about those frameworks, visit their respective websites so you know what you'll be getting.


Here are your options for "swiping":

App Designer provides swipeable animated sidebars for all frameworks except App Framework 3.  These are not the same as pages that you swipe between.  They are sidebars that you can swipe onto or off the page.  They can even overhang the main page if you want users to see them.

jQuery Mobile and App Framework 3 are two frameworks that provide animated transitions between pages (including 'slide on').  But jQueryMobile is pretty old, so I'm not sure I'd recommend it. This isn't exactly the same as swiping between pages

There is also an image gallery widget that provides swipeable images (IIRC) and it is available in all frameworks.

And Framework 7 has a special swipeable control as well.