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Intel HAXM

Hi Guys,

I got a issue while installing the Intel HAXM in a system after re-installing the same Windows 7 which was working before changing the OS. The issue is /dev/kvn not found. I have disabled the Secure boot and verified the VT-x Enabled. And trying to install manually it says "Failed to install device driver. Unknown error." .Tried this one too got no luck. Ran SFC /scannow and it was clear. What could be causing this issue Motherboard was DH87RL and processor was core i7 4700.

Thanks for showing interest in this article. Have a nice day. 


Found solution here but try parameter 4 in step 6 for force install it might show some signing error don't bother it was installed proceed next step. 

But later the restart it can't run the emulator it shows error Emulator Draw: no program.

Everything works fine now by updating the Graphics driver and disabling the testsigning.


Hope it might be helpful for someone in future without this freaking intel support. No intel engineers have responded even i have dropped too many mails. 

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Thanks for sharing!