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Intel Power Gadget Compatibility with my Late 2015 iMac

Hi There,
I have a 'Custom Build (By Apple) - Late 2015' iMac. The specifications are as follows:
Retina 5K 27" Display
4GHz Intel Core i7 μProcessor
32GB 1867MHz DDR3 RAM
AMD radeon R9M395X 4096 MB Graphics

I purchased iStat Menus System Monitoring Software and it came bundled with the Intel Power Gadget software. I installed it because of my 4GHz Intel i7 μProc initially...I didn't think about the GPU at all. After running the software for the first time, I noticed that Power, Frequency, Temperature and Utilization were all functioning, but upon closer inspection I noticed an issue.

On the Frequency Graph, GT is showing 0.00 GHz. After a fair bit of digging online, I found nothing useful. I tried contacting Patrick Konsor directly (BEFORE registering on this site...I am so sorry about that, Patrick)

While I was hoping for a response, I noticed on your website that this software will only display the GPU frequency of Intel variants?

As my graphics card is AMD Radeon, I am assuming that this is why the Frequency GT parameter is reading a constant 0.00 GHz...Am I right in thinking this?

May I ask one other question please...
My Intel Power Gadget version is 3.5.3. I have been through the very minimal settings and there is no "Update" feature...How is the Power gadget updated to a newer version?

Johnny C

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Hi Johnny,

Since the Intel Power Gadget based queries are handled by the publisher of the tool itself, to get your query addressed we suggest you to post your query in the below link.



Intel Developer Zone




Apologies, I had not received any communications from you prior to now.

Intel Power Gadget will only show the frequency for the integrated GPU (if available). If you also have an external GPU, then the integrated GPU will generally be disabled, during which time its frequency is 0.0. If your processor does not include an integrated GPU then the GPU frequency metric should automatically be removed; in this case I'm not sure of your exact CPU model so I can't verify if that's the case or not. It sounds as if Intel Power Gadget is working as expected.

Also, if you'd like further support then please ensure you've downloaded Intel Power Gadget directly from Intel's website:

Distribution through third parties is not allowed by our license, and we can't support products acquired that way.