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Intel RealSense Camera and Arduino



I'm trying to connect an F200 to an Arduino Uno. I am using this a model however this example uses an Intel Edison. I am assuming it is something similar to how it's done in the link. I'm currently using the Facial Recognition Sample, and opening the serial port at the very beginning, and whenever a user is registered, I send a signal to the arduino. However, there's an issue with the fact that both (F200 and Arduino) need access to the same serial port("Com5"), so whenever I upload code to the Arduino, it says access denied.

Any advice/resources that would be useful to do this?


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Sounds like you need a USB->serial converter which enumerates itself as a different COM number, and with the Arduino connected to that, set that new COM number as the programming port number in the Arduino IDE and you can program it that way.



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Well, that guide is a bit misleading, since it does not connect an Edison to a RealSense camera (that would not work), they are both connected to an Intel NUC, which is way less interesting in my opinion.

So, in your case, if you are trying to connect an Arduino directly to a RealSense, it will not work. The arduino does not even have an USB3 port anyway.

If you are using an external PC, like a NUC, make sure that you can connect to each one independently, the Arduino and the RealSense camera. If you can communicate independently, then you can just write some logic at the pc side and send the correct signals. The RealSense should use a normal USB3 connection, not a serial one as the Arduino does anyway.