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Intel Software Manager not working

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When I started Visual Studio 2015 this morning, I immediately got an exception due to an extension. I also got a task bar notification that Intel Parallel Studio had new updates. When I clicked this notification, ISM started, so I clicked the blue Update buttons for Data Analytics (DA), Composer for Fortran (CF), Professional Edition for Fortran (PEF), and MKL. The progress shown by ISM was

1) DA queued (qd); CF preparing downloading (pd); PEF downloading x% (dl); MKL pd.

2) After a while, this changed to DA pd, CF dl, PEF error (err), MKL dl.

3) Next, DA pd, CF dl, PEF err, MKL err.

4) Then DA err, CF dl, PEF err, MKL err.

5) Finally, installation of CF begins (other 3 still showing err), and after several minutes of apparently successful installation, the installer crashes (exception code 80000003).

Some kind of error happens virtually every time I use ISM to do updates. I have reported some of these via Premier support, but nothing seems to have been fixed.


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Thank you for the report. Please provide the IPS issue # via Send Author a Message link.  I will investigate this issue further.

Thank you,