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Is the RealSense SDK supported by the Surface Book in UWP?

Hi all,
I've got a quick question to ask around the RealSense SDK for UWP applications running on a Surface Book.
I've tried running some of the samples on the Book but none of them appear to work which has made me assume that it won't work but I just wanted to ask here to verify this.
The reason I ask is that the RealSense SDK has a feature that would be incredible to leverage in UWP applications and that is facial recognition.
If this won't work at all, is there anything in the pipeline to be able to use the cameras in the Surface devices with the RealSense SDK?
Thanks in advance!
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Hello James, the Surface books do not come with integrated RealSense cameras. You must purchase a peripheral RealSense camera in order to benefit from RealSense capabilities on a Surface PC. You can purchase a RealSense camera from or from a number of RealSense peripheral vendors.

I hope this answers your question. If you would like further assistance, please post your question in the RealSense Community. This forum in the Intel Developer Zone will soon be archived and all support will be handled in RealSense Community.



Jesus Garcia

Intel Customer Support


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