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Tracking on IR and color at the same time



First, I want to ask if it is possible to track on the IR and color cameras at the same time? The reason is because I need the x and y position of the person's face on both the IR and color versions of the image, and they are at different locations.

The way I achieved this was by using 2 different sensemanagers. One with tracking mode set to color and the other with tracking mode set to IR. this works, however, my one issue, is that both have tracking strategy closest to farthest. but sometimes the color camera is faster in switching to the new "closest" face. so there can be an instance when the IR and color camera are tracking 2 different faces. (I am only interested in inspecting the data of 1 single face, the CLOSEST face) But i need it to be the same person. Right now, there can be an instance when it is 2 different people. And because they are on 2 different sensemanagers, they have difference face ID's and I can not even use that to relate and make sure it is the same face.

Does anyone have any idea how tracking can perhaps be done on one sense manager? so that then I can make sure the IR and color are always focusing on the same face?(make sure that the data I am obtaining is for the same face)..


Please any help on this will help me greatly.

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Hello Jessica,

You can use the QueryUVMap to project and align your depth image to color coordinates or the color image to depth coordinates. Please see the DF_Projection sample for how to do this:

I hope this answers your question. If you would like further assistance, please post your question in the RealSense Community. This forum in the Intel Developer Zone will soon be archived and all support will be handled in RealSense Community.



Jesus Garcia

Intel Customer Support



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