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I am really enjoying Intel XDK , but I am not a professional enough to use it right , so there are some points are not clear for me as a beginner  .!

For example : in some points like in image one asking me to copy and past  in index.html 

I don't know , should I delete this  line <script src="cordova.js" id="xdkJScordova_"></script>

Or I make my paste above that line  like I did in image 2  .

Another confusion for me as a beginner like in image 3 asking to , "Download the source files for Android and copy them to my project."  WHERE TO COPY .! ..... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MOVE .!

I am really confusing in some points and I wished if there were be a live chat between members  to correct my mistakes Or anyone can help please .!



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Hi Mohamed

As far as I know you should not delete line <script src="cordova.js" id="xdkJScordova_"></script>, paste the line you need above or below it.

About the third picture: Where did you get that information from? Can you give us a link? Intel XDk builds cordova Apps that are practically web-based apps( like creating a website ) that are running inside a browser of your mobile device, and you should use HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript. 

Because the third picture refers to a JAVA file, I think that if you want to introduce a JAVA class in an Intel XDk project you should write it as a plugin and import it in Intel XDk as a third-party plugin ( from the Project build tab). That's my suggestion, maybe there are other simpler ways to do it, I don't know.

I hope this post helps you.

                                                                                                                                                                  Alex Hang


Mohamed -- step 3. of the instructions you provided, where you must copy the Java file into the platforms/android folder will not work with your XDK project or our cloud-based build system. You can only do that with a local Cordova CLI build system. This is a limitation of a cloud-based build system, some plugins and libraries use techniques that require updating the Android Studio or Xcode or Visual Studio project, which you do not have access to in our system because that is built on the fly in the cloud.