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Hello , I'm having trouble logging in XDK already changed the password various times , since operating system changed , I left the windows- 10 went to Ubuntu and the problem was repeated , ubuntu from the left to the debian- 8:03 and continues the login problem , I left the debian- 8.03 for windows- 7 ultimate and nothing to get log . I made a download of the older installer to see and I can not log in , did the official download the intel site and no log , N forums and tutorials and can not log in tool 'm already looking for alternative to XDK and if you can not solve unfortunately I have to leave my apprenticeship with the XDK and go to another tool. Please help me solve this bug . Thank you!

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I can confirm that you do have an account with the userID that is the email address that you are using here.

You should be able to use the same login as the forums. Also, older version of the XDK are not supported for logins. Do you have the most recent version of the XDK installed?

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