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[OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC] Problem with Vuzix M300, cannot encode H264


Hello Everyone, 

I am developing a Streaming app on the Vuzix M300 (Smart Glasses), using Wowza Streaming Engine, I tested it on other ARM android devices and it works perfectly, and I found out that the Vuzix Runs with intel Architecture.

The issue is that, when I start the streaming, I get this error in the logs : 

11-21 08:46:48.241 6441-6614/com.example.vid  I/OMXClient: Using client-side OMX mux.
11-21 08:46:48.252 6441-6614/com.example.vid E/ACodec: [OMX.Intel.VideoEncoder.AVC] storeMetaDataInBuffers (output) failed w/ err -2147483648
11-21 08:46:48.252 6441-6614/com.example.vid  W/ACodec: do not know color format 0x7f000789 = 2130708361
11-21 08:46:48.255 6441-6614/com.example.vid  W/ACodec: Use baseline profile instead of 8 for AVC recording

The streaming works for H263 incoming streams but not for H264 ones.

Any suggestions on what might be the cause of this issue ? is it a problem with the wowza SDK I'm using that does not get along with the intel Media Codecs ?

Any help is appreciated, Thank you :) 

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You might want to check with the Intel(R) XDK forum on this topic. They may have some input for you there.  Here is the URL:



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