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Offload compile for Xeon Phi x200 PCI-E



I have been struggling with offload compile for my Xeon Phi x200 PCI-E (model 7210).
I am trying to compile pyMIC but I am getting the below error.

(root) C:\pyMIC>make.bat
icc: warning #10362: Environment configuration problem encountered.  Please check for proper MPSS installation and environment setup.
In file included from libxstream/include/libxstream.h(34),
                 from libxstream/src/libxstream.hpp(34),
                 from libxstream/src/libxstream.cpp(32):
libxstream/include/libxstream_macros.h(214): catastrophic error: *MIC* cannot open source file "assert.h"
  # include <assert.h>

compilation aborted for libxstream\src\libxstream.cpp (code 4)
icl: error #10340: problem encountered when performing target compilation

The "assert.h" file is located on the mic at "/usr/include". FYI, even compiling a simple Hello World example gives me the same "*MIC* cannot open source file ..." error. 

I have installed MPSS 4.4.0 with the MPSS essentials. I installed binutils on the MIC via "smart install binutils".  The MIC is detected, and is functioning properly (I can SSH into it, send files, run programs on it etc.). The only thing that does not work is the offload compile, and I am runing out of ideas to fix it (been parsing forums etc...seems like there exist mpss k1om RPMs under MPSS 3.8/3.7 that take care of this...but I couldn't find anything regarding MPSS 4.4.0.

Below is the output of MICINFO:

PS C:\Windows\system32> micinfo
micinfo Utility Log
Created On Fri Aug 18 12:08:28 2017

System Info:
    Host OS                        : Windows
    OS Version                     : Windows 10
    MPSS Version                   :
    Host Physical Memory           : 16294 MB

Device No: 0, Device Name: mic0 [x200]

    SMC Firmware Version           : 121.31.10446
    Coprocessor OS Version         : 4.9.13-mpss_4.4.0.4724 GNU/Linux
    Device Serial Number           : XXXXXXXXXXX
    BIOS Version                   : GVPRCRB8.86B.0015.D04.1704072131
    BIOS Build date                : 04/07/2017
    ME Version                     :

Can someone help me figure this out ? Thank you!



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Ok, I did some more digging -> I uninstalled MPSS 4.4 essentials and installed MPSS 3.8 essentials instead. It did the trick. Now I am thinking the issue is coming from Intel Parallel Studio XE which does not have the proper path for the updated MPSS 4.4 version.

Could someone from Intel confirm my findings and suggest a way to use the MPSS 4.4 essentials with PSXE ?