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Peak performance, bandwidth and latency of the sever

I have a server with these properties: 

Processor type:                Intel Xeon E5345
Number of calculation nodes:   47
Calculation number of kernel:  376
The amount of node memory is:  16 GB
Performance networking:        20 Gbps  InfiniBand DDR 
File System:                   44 TB    BGFS
Operating System:              CentOS 5.4 x86_64

I want to know the peak performance, the bandwidth and the latency measurements.

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53 Views gives you some information about this processor, though it looks as if it is ten years old, so maybe that's not what you have.

What Linux thinks about it will be visible in /proc/cpuinfo, of course.

(None of which answers your questions directly, of course, but might help).

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