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Power saving options caused problems with R200

Hi all,

just to let you know and probably save you several hours of testing with a RealSense R200 camera:

If the camera does not appear in the Device Manager upon connect to a USB3 port (as if the device has a hardware failure), this may be caused by the power settings for UBS ports. If you experience this or any unstable behaviour of your R200 camera you can try the following:

Disable the USB selective suspend by following these steps:

- In the Control Panel, get into the Power Options (In category mode, navigate Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options).
- Click on the Change plan settings link of the active power plan.
- Click Change advanced power settings link on the following screen.
- In the Improved Power Options dialog box navigate to USB settings, open sub-option USB selective suspend setting.
- Set all entries to Disabled.
- Click the Ok button to save your new settings and reboot PC.

Hope this info helps!


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