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Problems with packaged Runtime installer


I'm trying to package the RealSense runtime (2016R1 for now, until I can test R2 thoroughly) with the Visual Studio installer for my app to make distribution easier.

I've run the process to decrease the size of the installer file by only including the modules I need (Core and 3DScan) and added the setup as a custom action on Commit with the arguments "--silent --no-progress --acceptlicense=yes --fnone=all --finstall=vs_rt_2012,scan3d,core" as instructed. However, when I try to test the installer the progress bar stops for a short while then pops up a message saying "A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected" and rolls back the installation.

I then tried recompiling the installer without the "silent" flag and the Runtime installer pops up after my app has installed and I have to press next a few times to get to the installation progress but then after a couple of seconds I get a message saying "Runtime Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error", with the error being "Another installation is already in progress" and the code 1618.

Now, the only other installation I have running is that of my app which is trying to install the runtime. Is it really complaining about that? Is there another way to package the runtime into my MSI? Note, if I try to run the full, standalone runtime installer after getting the "another installation" error it goes through with no problems.

Can anyone help?

Thanks, James

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to insert our installer into the scope of another MSI installation (Wix CA runs in MSI scope) because internally we also install MSI’s.
Please create a bootstrapper which installs RSSDK Runtime as a prerequisite.

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