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Question On what is the correct rig choice.

Greetings fellow Humans,

I am an individual and i had a problem when it comes to the correct processor choice for a new rig that i am building. I am not expert on how processors work in detail, so i would have loved if any of you here would guide me on what should i chose.


I am building this new computer for the sole purpose of Simulations. More precisely CFD simulations, (but it will also be used for daily trivialities such as surfing the net or playing small videogames.) This is a type of simulation which is very heavy on calculations. It uses depending on the type of simulation you are doing, dimensional analysis to solve LOADS of differential equations in order to map the constant motion of a fluid around a vertain solid geometry.

There are many types of CFD software out there which use different types of simulations, averaging from Large Eddie sims, to Reynolds Stokes average solutions, to direct numerical simulations etc etc. I currently use AUTODESK CFD, and AUTDESK FUSION 360 for modeling. All of these have in common that they solve an array of continiuous equations for set purposes. The equations in question here are very complex and very sensitive to initial data.

My problem here is that i need a rig which could theoretically fit into one pc box (dimensions are unimportant), and has enough power to solve the simulation iterations at an acceptable, to fast pace. Of course the time needed to solve an iteration is very dependant on the geometry complexity and how many fluid nodes you want to have in your operation and so on.

I have heard often times that complex CFD simulations are done on computers who have multiple physical procesors with many cores to work on the simulation efficiently.

Of course i am not building a supercomputer here, but what choice would somebody recommend me for this problem. Is it possible to make a bigger than usual desktop pc for this purpose that has multiple physical cores or is there a better solution?


Also let us say money is not a problem here.

P.S: I did not know where to post this.

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bump , anyone help ? :x

Black Belt

If your applications are multithreaded, they could take advantage of multicore single or dual cpu platforms. The vendors of commercial applications should be able to make suggestions. Most likely, the applications for multiple core would be built with openmp or boost threading but that need not concern you if it is a commercial application. Such dual cpu platforms are usually characterized as servers as cabinet is larger than single cpu desktop.