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Request for RHEL/CentOS/Fedora support in Intel Firmware Engine



I really like the Firmware Engine initiative! However I'd like to see near future support for more "corporate" environments like RHEL and thus also support CentOS and Fedora as these IMHO are more common in big corporate environments than say Gentoo, Ubuntu or Debian. Personally I'm running Fedora as development environment as well as playground for many initial projects. I will then be able to easily move my project to the corporate long term support environment.

Today we do all UEFI related projects and development in Fedora/CentOS and we're thinking about including the Intel Firmware Engine as well. However, I encountered some snags on the way (as expected). The custom libraries I could easily include using ldconfig, but now I've ended up having to download and compile other libraries not available in the RPM repos. This is not good from a maintenance perspective, especially not in a corporate environment where perhaps hundreds of development machines are centrally managed and maintained. Less manual hands on, custom compilation and such is greatly preferred.

As feedback on the Intel Firmware Engine and it's installer in general I think its not fully mature either for corporate use in the sense that some basic installation routines that take into account things like: Using more common and long term supported libraries, setting proper file permissions, adding paths using ldconfig, desktop icons etc.

Thank you for great work!

Best regards


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Thanks for the feedback. We're encouraging UEFI firmware development in open source, so I recommend you check out the edk2-platforms project in TianoCore. EDK II is supported in a variety of Linux environments. 

We are planning to retire Intel® Firmware Engine Versions on August 31, 2019. Please see the download page for more information. 

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