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Right hand incorrectly recognized as left

We use Intel RealSense SDK v. in a project for assessment of hand motor dysfunction ( ). We are now conducting tests with patients and we encountered an unexpected problem: the right hand is recognized as left one. For some patients this happened all the time, although their right hand looked normal. For the left hand we didn't encounter the same problem. In the picture below you can see my right hand incorrectly seen by the sensor as left (pink finger detected as thumb).

Are you aware of this issue? Are there any ways to fix it?

intel RealSense hand recognition.bmp

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Well, the algorithm tries to find parts of a hand, and then depending on their relative position, assigns it as left or right hand, or even gestures.

You could try changing the laser parameters of the camera to create a better depth image to help the algorithm. Also, make sure the intensity is well exposed, not over or under exposed, and that you have the appropriate settings for the hand speed and distance from the camera.

Have a look here for a tool to play around with those values: