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SMTP ?? in ios

Can we send emails using some background process in IOS, with out enabling email composer (basically I want to disable email view to end user)

Planning to build an app that has 3 to 4 pages and later in the last page, it should trigger an email but i dont want enable Email Composer and any feedback or suggestions greatly appreciated.



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You will not be able to do it entirely in the your app. Your app will need to have script that calls a PHP (or other) page on a server, that then processes the variables you pass to it, and then the PHP page sends the email.


Can you please share an example for that , and also any other approach such as end user needs to send some attributes to a central repository






You will need to figure that part out on your own. I am sure its been done by others, so i would suggest checking out stackoverflow for tips on how to get it working.


(A solution type Push notification).
I am new to android ... and also in Intel XDK environment.

Gentlemen supporters, kindly guide me on the questions below:

1-I want to develop an app for android, which from a text box (text area or INPUT), you to inform your contact or a fact 

or even a complaint, this is sent to a specific e-mail, you see? as a kind of FEEDBACK. It could even be sent also to a 

specific whatsapp, but do not know what would be the most interesting, quick and efficient resolution of technical view 


2-I have researched a lot about cord-plugins-email-compose, that is, within the Intel XDK environment; I did several 

tests and examples collected from the internet, but do not work. On the other hand, outshines in my view the issue of e-

mail, domain on android, do not know how this. For I see several apps, same with many such resources, forms, sending 

data, etc. But I'm having a hard time understanding these things.

3-In a web environment this is all understandable to me. Many years ago, I got to do a few simple things in PHP and Mysql 

... as the situation I described above ... made a page in HTML, logging suggestions and invoking a script on the server 

side PHP that I sent these records to a specific email. I stayed this page in cloud, remember that the (localweb) and 

localweb server had the resources to support PHP, Mysql. To host this page on the server, I had to create a domain in 

registro.BR and the service to send form data to an e-mail functioned normally. So I wanted to take this same solution 

... the same idea ... ie the web server environment for smartphones environment, android. You see? Finally, develop a 

simple app that the user could file a claim (form - text area, or INPUT button) and this was sent to a specific e-mail or 

even a whatsapp. A solution type Push notification.


1) I have almost given up the cord-plugins-email-compose, however, you can guide me more about this plugin and how to set 

up properly?
2-Where sets my account email in-cord plug-email-compose?
3) Can I send data from a form (text area) to integrate Intel XDK with PHP? (Ie, because in PHP, I know how to send e-

3) To host app, which server would indicate me?
4) Are there any free or paid server to send the APK and test, ie I could download and test the App on my phone?
5) To host my APP APK or on free or paid server, I would have to necessarily create have a domain? email account? SMTP? 

e-mail server?
6) Can demontrar me or send me an APP / APK to record a message, or text, or subject (text area or INPUT button) and 

internally APP feature to send this message to an e-mail?
7) I enjoyed the Intel XDK environment, but I would indicate another similar tool, given the complexity of dealing with 


Thanks for the clarification.
Thank you.
Jorge F.