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SR 300 and cable extensions

Hello all,

I've purchased an Intel Real Sense Developer Kit with an SR 300 camera and use it with Windows 10.

Unfortunately, I don't get this to run on my MSI mainboard using a USB 3.0 extension cord and a powered USB 3.0 hub (PC to hub, hub to camera). If I connect the camera directly, everything works as expected, but I need 3 more meters of cable length. Passively extending the camera's cable by 3 meters of course doesn't work either. However, the previous model did work in the hub setup.

When the camera is connected via the extension cord and hub, it is recognized and drivers are installed. The integrated webcam also works. However, when the Virtual Driver is used (such as with Windows Hello), the device gets disconnected (device disconnection sound plays and the device is then shown as disconnected in Device Manager). After a while, it reconnects, and things continue this way.

Is anyone using the camera with any sort of extension cable?




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Tough one. You may need to check with other hubs as the actual cable quality may affect the maximum distance.

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I'm having exactly the same issue with a 2 Meter Lindy USB 3.0 Extension cable.

What do we know works as I need the distance for my desk?



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I also am having this occur.  Documentation advises to not use a hub or extension.  Their chord is shorter than one would expect for a device than would move up, down and around an object being scanned.  Still the issue persists and I am looking for a way to distance the sr300from the computer.

Is it a power issue?

Is it a signal issue?

Is it a timing issue?

What are the constraints for input and output for the virtual driver to function?  If we knew what was lost by using a hub or extension we could address finding a solution.

What about an insulated cable?

What about a gauge of wire that maximized the signal?

What about an extension with a 5vdc additional power source?

What about a signal amplifier?

Has anyone solved this?






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I have had this problem. My SR300 has worked fine for quite a while on a 3m Lindy extension cable but it only works on certain USB ports. My Dell has 2 on the front, 2 on the top and 6 at the back.

The camera works fine in most of the ports without an extension. It only works in some of them with an extension. Suddenly, it won't work at all with the 3m extension. No apparent reason. No cable damage.

I've just swapped it out for a 2m Lindy extension and it works perfectly again.

The supplied cable is just not long enough for real life with a computer on the floor and the camera on top of a big monitor!

My hunch is that the SR300 is very fussy about voltage and/or current drops. The supplied cable is pretty thin. The Lindy cable is noticeably heavier and feel better quality.

So, if you have to extend, use the best quality cable you can! And the shortest possible too.

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i also have this problem with F200 camera. i try with many expansion cables and all not work as extension for this camera.

please i need your help

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