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SR300 virtual driver does not always install.

Hi! So, I have more than one SR300 camera, and I have noticed this issue on all of them.

Namely that, So as typical, if I change the camera to a different USB3 port, it will install the device automatically. But the Virtual driver does not always install. Also, if on the same usb 3 port, I connect a different SR300 camera, it will re-install for this camera, and sometimes not install the virtual driver. Then when I switch cameras back to the previous sr300 camera still on the same port. Perhaps before the virtual driver for this camera was installed and working, But once again it would re-install, and this time the virtual driver would not be installed.

And because of this, my camera and even general sdk sample codes are unable to initialize the sensemanagers.

Is there any solution to this ?

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