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custom url scheme iOS and Android

Hey guys,

I'm not much of a coder, well...okay, not at all :).

I've purchased a template that appears to be Cordova ready.

What I need is to open the social networks (fb, twitter, g+, skype, etc) as it follows: if there the social network's app installed, then it will use that, if not, it will open the default browser. Right now, (L.E.: only on Android) it either opens the link inside the app, and that's not acceptable, or it opens the native app IF it's installed, if not, there is no action.

Also, I've managed on Android to open whatsapp to a specific number, but not on iOS. Is there a way to do so? Or is the ios security paranoia that don't allow such an option?


Thank you!


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There is at least one plugin out there that can be used for this purpose (if I understand your question correctly). It will is this plugin > <

Any plugin requires some level of programming, you have to adapt the code in your app to use the AP provided by the plugin.

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