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Simple feature request


Every time I create the Cordova build package I get a zip file called [appname] Looks ok, but I have a request: Could the time at the end of the filename please be formatted with leading zero's (always 6 digits), so the files will be displayed in the right order?

When you are creating several build packages in a short time (like I do sometimes) this would really make a difference. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback. In fact, those date-stamped config.xml files are named like that to avoid confusion with the config.xml file that is being generated. They only appear if you have a config.xml file in the root of the project folder when you run the export tool. I know that if you do not complete the process (e.g., start the export but do not save the ZIP) the export tool can leave a config.xml file behind, in the project folder. If you follow through and the process does not fail, you should not see these time-stamped config.xml files. This is just a very long way of saying that those time-stamped files are an artifact, not a feature, to insure we do not wipe out anything that you may already have in your project folder. We are not trying to manage those files.

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