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Status of fixes in CLI 5.1.1 and Roadmap


Hi Intel people

Since the push to CLI 5.1.1 (as previously posted and noted) this managed to break several plug-ins that I really need to use. One is a featured plugin - Local Notifications and the other is Calendar. So this has been at about 2 weeks so I'm starting to get a little anxious about the status of your update path and whether there are fixes being worked on. Obviously its not good practice to release software that breaks things. Can an engineer please provide specific details as to when fixes will be available so that I'm not hanging in the wind here. If its going to be several weeks I would like to know so I can use another platform (sadly as I like this one) but its holding me back from a commercial release.

I would also like to understand the correlation of the CLI versions versus known Apache Cordova releases which is now at version 6.0 of the CLI as far as I can tell. It appears that 5.1.1 didn't last long and was quickly replaced by version 5.4 also. What is Intel's roadmap on bringing its backend up to the latest build? Currently it appears there is at least a 6 month lag between Apache releases and Intel XDK's CLI versions. Please correct me if I am wrong on this interpretation.

Thank you for your assistance and understanding!
Thanks, Kevin

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Our next major release will include what can best be described as a CLI 5.4.1+ build system (it will include updates platform targets compared to what is normally delivered with the CLI 5.4.1 install). We are also making longer term changes to our build system that will allow us to add other CLI versions more quickly. This will not be part of the next major release, but is in the works, so we can respond more quickly to updating the build system. One of the issues we struggle with is maintaining stability of the build systems and security of user data and intellectual property, which requires that we cannot simply install standard CLI and be done with it, we do have to install pre and post script tools to insure this security. Thus the reason it takes longer to update these build systems.

Can you tell me which two plugins are causing you problems? Sorry if you've already posted that info elsewhere, trying to keep track of a lot of threads...


Hi Paul, thanks for your detailed response. We've resolved the Calendar issue (at least on the Android Crosswalk build) so this leaves the local notifications that aren't working. I'm going to switch plugins again to see if this resolves it. Still struggling to get any iOS builds at the moment from last week - so can't test this at the moment. I'll review the demo local notifications app and make sure we're not doing something stupid with the local notifications but we didn't appear to change any code since it was working (only stopped working since CLI 5.1.).

Thank you