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Test functionality without builting APKs

I am using Sound plugins and everytime I had to built apk then install it to test them !!

What is alternative to this to check functionalty of apps ?

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If you are using a third-party plugin, that is the only alternative. However, if you are just making small modifications to your app (for testing), you do not need to rebuild and reinstall for each test, you can use the JavaScript console to redefine functions and perform tests. See the note at the bottom of this page > < that references a video showing how to perform that sort of debugging, reproduced here:

Debugging a built app does not require rebuilding your app to test changes or experiment with your code. The best debugging experience will come from taking advantage of the interactive JavaScript console to redefine functions within your app and then run those redefined functions directly from the console or restart your app, in situ, using the window.location.reload() function. An example of using this technique can be seen in this video, starting at about 18:30. The video is demonstrating the use of the weinre debugger, but the debugging techniques can also be applied to remote CDT and remote Web Inspector when debugging a built app.