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The calibration of realsense F200

Dear all,

   I a confused about the depth data given by realsense F200. The depth and RGB data of F200 can be obtained by Intel Real SDK or Matlab with matlab tool of Image Acquisition tool. here are the questions.

    Firstly, I can not find the calibration of depth camera. I can not find the calibration of calibration of RBG camera, and the relation between the depth camera and RBG camera. So, how can I find the calibraton information. In addition, there is little information the way how does Intel calibrates the realsense F200.

   Secondly, I do not know about the uinit of the depth data. Is the Unit of depth data is cm? If the depth data given by depth camera stands for the real depth information, there is a large deviation. For instance in my test, the distance between by the camera and the tested object is 60cm, however, the depth data only 40cm or so.

   So. could anyone give me on these questions. 

Best wishes,




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