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Unity Tip: RealSense And the Impact Of Multiple Live Game Cameras

Hi everyone,

In my Unity 5.1 project, I came across a phenomenon that can impact projects that use multiple in-game cameras for switching between viewing positions or providing a live feed of different locations simultaneously.

Note: when I say 'cameras' I mean Unity camera view angles, not physical RealSense cameras - the SDK can only currently support one RealSense camera connected to a computer.

I had six active 'livecams' running simultaneously as well the main camera, in order to generate a panel of 'security camera' monitors.  I experimented with deactivating these cameras, and the performance of my RealSense-powered avatar was enhanced considerably.  

Presumably, this was not directly a RealSense performance issue but rather the lag was occurring because having Unity generate seven simultaneous live-updating views of the environment (main camera plus six livecams) was putting a strain on the computer's processing resources.  And so that impacted the processing of RealSense-controlled objects.  Just because a live camera's view may not be visible to you, it is still draining performance because it is generating its view constantly even if you are not looking at the output!

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