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Unity Tip: Using SketchUp 3D Models Effectively With RealSense And Unity

Hi everyone,

I've been using 3D models created in the 3D modeling software SketchUp ( for a while now and thought I'd share a cool new tip I discovered.  

Usually when you import a SketchUp model into Unity and give it a collider field (as SketchUp objects don't have colliders by default), the field is off-center from the object and has to be manually centered using the collider settings in the Inspector panel.  

Also, even if you give the SketchUp object a 'Rigidbody' physics component so that it can physically interact with other non-SketchUp objects such as those created within Unity, those other objects pushing up against the SketchUp object have a chance of forcing their way through it instead of being solidly stopped (i.e the SketchUp object only has partial physical tangibility.)

A key difference between a Unity-created object though and a SketchUp one is that when a SketchUp object is imported, it has an additional sub-section in its 'Hierarchy' panel settings, usually labeled 'Mesh1' by default.

When the collider and Rigidbody are added to this attached mesh instead of the parent object, the collider centers perfectly on the object and the object also becomes fully physical, preventing other objects from passing through it (although it can still be pushed along or rotated by the contact, depending on how the constraints in your Rigidbody are configured.)

The image linked to below illustrates the process.

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